Shanghai ETON passed the 2021 Expert Workstation Certification

2021-09-13 15:30:11 上海益弹新材料有限公司 Viewd 706

According to the preliminary review recommendation of the enterprise application area, the Association for Science and Technology and other units, and passed the defense, the Shanghai ETON Polymer Co., Ltd. was approved to establish an expert workstation by the Shanghai Expert Workstation Guidance Office in July 2021, and obtained the bronze medal for the expert workstation establishment in August. . After the establishment of the station, the enterprise will follow the principle of “enterprise as the main body, intelligence as the foundation, demand as the core, and effectiveness as the foundation”, and actively carry out cooperation with the inbound expert team in decision-making consultation, talent training, technology research and development, and achievement transformation to enhance independent innovation capabilities. And core competitiveness, the company will also seize this opportunity to lead the company's R&D level to a new level.